Hall of Fame Archive

Greg Bryant

Key Stats:

CNZ Player of the Year: 2012
NZ Open Championships: 5
NZ Open Doubles Championships: 5
MacRobertson Team Selections: 6
Trans-Tasman Team Selections: 5
Men’s AC Championships: 5
Mixed Doubles AC Championships: 3
Arthur Ross Open Handicap Titles: 1
Silver Tray Invitation Titles: 6
North Island AC Championships: 4
North Island AC Doubles Championships: 1
South Island AC Championships: 8
South Island AC Doubles Championships: 6

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Chris Clarke

Key Stats:

NZ Open Doubles Championships: 4
GC Nationals Doubles Titles: 3
MacRobertson Team Selections: 1
Openshaw Shield Team Selections: 1
Don Reyland Stars Titles: 3
Yvonne Yates GC Invitation Titles: 1
North Island AC Doubles Championships: 1
South Island AC Championships: 1
South Island AC Doubles Championships: 1
South Island GC Championships: 1
South island GC Doubles Championships: 1

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Paddy Chapman

Key Stats:

CNZ Player of the Year: 2015 & 2018
NZ Open Championships: 2
NZ Open Doubles Championships: 1
MacRobertson Team Selections: 5
Trans-Tasman Team Selections: 3
AC World Championships: 1
Silver Tray Invitation Titles: 3

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Toby Garrison

While in intermediate school Toby would attend tournaments in which his step father, Kevin Fellows, was playing. Initially he didn’t see the attraction but decided to give it a go and was hooked very quickly.  Association croquet was the only major code when he started in 1993.  Toby credits Kevin as being an incredibly good coach and having a huge passion for the game.  Also having the live-in support was invaluable.


Toby first joined Waimarie Croquet Club (now Waimarie Hutt Valley CC) and continued to be a member for over 20 years. In 2017 he joined the Wellington Municipal Croquet Club on Mt Victoria in Wellington.


Toby immediately decided that the standard grip was going to be the way he held his mallet. He says, “It just felt the most natural to me.” For a few years he grounded his mallet before striking the ball, but after watching a few players such as Aaron Westerby, Shane Davis and some of the Brits – David Maugham and Rob Fulford – he started casting and has stuck with it ever since. Of the players he watched, only Shane has a standard grip and all of them cast and hit incredibly well.


While Kevin was the primary influence on Toby’s game, another leading player, Tony Stephens, generously put time into helping him learn the ropes.


In 1996, three years after Toby gave croquet a go, he played association croquet in his first nationals and invitations.  He played in school-age tournaments in Hastings and Palmerston North in 1994 and 1995 respectively. His lead up to playing in the nationals was by playing in events mainly in the lower North Island, most often alongside or supported by Kevin.


Toby says he “feels incredibly lucky to have happened across croquet. I’ve made lifelong friends, have had numerous opportunities to represent my country and have been able to travel all over the world playing the game. It’s been a huge part of my life for over 27 years, and it has given me so much.”


Toby is a natural with a beautiful swing and a passion for croquet. He rose rapidly and won his first national event in 1998 and was the captain of the MacRobertson Shield ten years after first giving croquet a go. Toby continues to play croquet but is also busy raising a young family.


Full bio and list of achievements can be found here.

Jenny Clarke (nee Williams)

Key Stats:

WCF Hall of Fame Inductee
CNZ Player of the Year: 2019
NZ Open Doubles Championships: 4
GC Nationals Doubles Titles: 2
MacRobertson Team Selections: 4
Openshaw Shield Team Selections: 1
Trans-Tasman Team Selections: 6
Women’s AC World Championships: 1
Women’s AC Championships: 3
Mixed Doubles AC Championships: 3
Women’s AC Invitation Titles: 3
South Island AC Championships: 1
South Island AC Doubles Championships: 3

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Graham Beale

Currently living and working in Dubai, Graham originally hails from Christchurch where he learned his croquet at the Cashmere Croquet Club.


Graham comes from a croquet-playing family and began taking croquet seriously when only 14 years old, spending all his summer holidays either playing croquet or scouring the local library for publications on the sport.


He was runner-up to Bob Jackson in the final of the New Zealand Open Championship in 1984 (the first time he had entered this event) and gained his first representative honour when selected as a member of the successful New Zealand MacRobertson team in 1986 which travelled to Britain and retuned howe with the shield. This was followed by successes a year later in winning the President¹s Invitation event, as well as producing the first sextuple to be completed in North America – playing in the World Championship at Sonoma.


Graham was selected for the 1990 MacRobertson series and again in 1993, this time as captain. During the early 2000’s has tended to become known as a doubles “specialist” in tournament play, winning three New Zealand doubles titles partnering Richard Baker (twice) and John Prince.


After a 13 year hiatus from the sport, Graham recently made a ‘come-back’ appearance at the New Zealand Men’s Championship which he claims has whet his appetite to take up the sport once again.


Susan Wiggins (nee Grigg)

Susan was a very accompolished sportswoman before taking up croquet, excelling in equestrian events, figure skating and Golf.  She exhibited the same gritty determination as a croquet player, coached by Fred Guernsey at Fendalton Park club she adopted the same tactical approach as Fred employed which tended to be rather careful and somewhat defensive.  Susan sometimes expressed the wish to become a more adventuresome player but Fred’s influence made that difficult.  However, on her day she was a formidable opponent, never giving an inch and remaining determined to win to the very end.


Susan was a member of the New Zealand Team in the Trans Tasman Test series in 1988, 1990 and 1992 (vice Captain), during the 1979 MacRobertson series she played for a N.Z. Representative side against Great Britain and during the 1990 series was Captain of the Rep side against Australia.  In the N.Z. Championships she was runner up in the Open in 1983, won the Women’s in 1975,79, Heenan Plate 1978, Mixed Doubles (with P. Couch)  1980, Handicap Singles 1978,1983,1986 and 1989.  South Island Open Champion 1982. She has an outstanding record in the S.I. Women’s Championship, winning the title a record 15 times, namely 1973, 1975 through to 1985 (10 consecutive wins), 1987, 1989 and 1991. The Doubles (with Mrs. F. Fraser) 1979,1981, (with husband Robert Wiggins) in 1982.  Handicap Singles 1972, 1984, Silver Medal 1982, Bronze Medal 1972, Gold Mallet 1983, Silver Mallet 1978.


In addition to her New Zealand titles Susan won the C.A. (England) Women’s Championship 1982, 1983, 1986.  C.A. Ladies field Cup Invitation winner 1982, 1984 and 1985. Silver Medal (England) 1983.


Bill and Ada Kirk

Bill and Ada Kirk made a big contribution to New Zealand croquet over a number of years with Bill serving as President from 1948 to 1956.  Ada was a member of the victorious 1950/51 MacRobertson Shield Team playing one singles match in the third test at Dunedin.  For many years Ada handled the publicity from the Championships every night she could be heard on National Radio giving the results from the day’s play.

She was known to sometimes give a running commentary from the sideline on husband Bill’s play.  Ashley Heenan recalled that it seemed to be whenever he was playing Bill.

Ada in crisp tones would inform all, “Of course Mr Kirk’s play is not as precise as Mr. Heenan but he seems to be managing to hold a break together at present”.  Ashley always found Bill one of those “difficult to beat players”,  no doubt Ada’s commentary was quite a factor.


Bill was runner up in the NZ Open in 1950, won the Heenan Plate in 1951, South Island Open in 1936, 1947, Men’s 1948, 1949, Doubles (with Ada) 1935, 1936, 1947, 1952, 1960 and (with Mrs. E. Todd) 1958.  He won a Silver Medal in 1937 and the Gold Mallet in 1944.  While in England as Manager of the 1956 MacRobertson team he won a Silver Medal and was co-winner of the Championship of Ireland with the legendary P. D. “Duff” Matthews.

Ada won the N.Z. Women’s Championship in 1950, the C.A. (England) Women’s Championship in 1956 and also played in both the President’s Cup and Ladies Field Cup Invitation events that year.  In 1956 and 1957 she won the Heenan Plate, South Island Open 1939, 1952, Women’s 1949, Doubles with Bill as above and a Silver Medal in 1944.