Bill and Ada Kirk

Bill and Ada Kirk

Bill and Ada Kirk made a big contribution to New Zealand croquet over a number of years with Bill serving as President from 1948 to 1956.  Ada was a member of the victorious 1950/51 MacRobertson Shield Team playing one singles match in the third test at Dunedin.  For many years Ada handled the publicity from the Championships every night she could be heard on National Radio giving the results from the day’s play.

She was known to sometimes give a running commentary from the sideline on husband Bill’s play.  Ashley Heenan recalled that it seemed to be whenever he was playing Bill.

Ada in crisp tones would inform all, “Of course Mr Kirk’s play is not as precise as Mr. Heenan but he seems to be managing to hold a break together at present”.  Ashley always found Bill one of those “difficult to beat players”,  no doubt Ada’s commentary was quite a factor.


Bill was runner up in the NZ Open in 1950, won the Heenan Plate in 1951, South Island Open in 1936, 1947, Men’s 1948, 1949, Doubles (with Ada) 1935, 1936, 1947, 1952, 1960 and (with Mrs. E. Todd) 1958.  He won a Silver Medal in 1937 and the Gold Mallet in 1944.  While in England as Manager of the 1956 MacRobertson team he won a Silver Medal and was co-winner of the Championship of Ireland with the legendary P. D. “Duff” Matthews.

Ada won the N.Z. Women’s Championship in 1950, the C.A. (England) Women’s Championship in 1956 and also played in both the President’s Cup and Ladies Field Cup Invitation events that year.  In 1956 and 1957 she won the Heenan Plate, South Island Open 1939, 1952, Women’s 1949, Doubles with Bill as above and a Silver Medal in 1944.