Croquet New Zealand firmly believes that all members should have access to quality coaching to ensure they can advance their game to a level which maximises their enjoyment.

This belief ranges from those members who are only just beginning their croquet journeys to those who are striving for success on the world stage.  It also incorporates those individuals who enjoy helping others and want to become better coaches themselves.

The coaching section on our website outlines the various ways Croquet New Zealand supports this goal either within the coaching space itself, or upskilling individual to become great coaches in their regions.

The different aspects are;
– Coaching Coaches
– AC Merit Awards
– Development Squads

Coaching Coaches:
The coaching coaches programme is designed to develop great coaches.  Focusing on “how” to teach not “what” to teach.  To learn more, click here.

Merit Awards:
The CNZ Merit Awards are designed as incentives for AC players to reach as they develop their game.  Either through the assistance of coaching, or by themselves.  To learn more, click here.

Croquet New Zealand is currently in the process of determining whether or not it would be possible to establish similar Awards for Golf Croquet.

Development Squads:
The development squads come in many forms.  The primary one is focussed around youth development which is open entry to anyone which meet the criteria.