World Rankings



Association Croquet

All players who take part in ranking (most level-play) tournaments are included in both world rankings and NZ rankings maintained by Chris Williams Click here. to view on this page. or at his website.

These are based on performance at ranking tournaments, with a minimum of 10 ranked games being played within the previous 12 months to appear on the list. Chris also operates an online database which is updated almost daily, and is mirrored at the WCF.  Chris spends many hours maintaining the database provides an excellent and very fast service for the world croquet community, each year inputting thousands of results by cvs file or by hand, so contributors of results are asked to bear this in mind in sending in results and corrections.

Click here to view on this page or visit his site:

Managers of all AC level-play tournaments are encouraged to email their results to


Golf Croquet

A similar rankings system exists for Golf Croquet, and is maintained by Stephen Mulliner.

GC Rankings

Results from level-play golf croquet tournaments should be emailed to for inclusion in the world golf croquet rankings.



Association Croquet World & New Zealand Rankings