Individual Rankings

Association Croquet

All players who take part in ranking (most level-play) tournaments are included in both world rankings and NZ rankings maintained by Chris Williams.

Click here to view the AC World Rankings.

Golf Croquet

A similar rankings system exists for Golf Croquet which is maintained by Stephen Mulliner and regional ranking officers, including John Christie for New Zealand.

Click here for the GC World Rankings.

Team Rankings

The WCF updates the international team rankings quarterly. 

Country AC Ranking List

Country GC Ranking List

International Results

You can access all the WCF’s events results here.

New Zealand croquet players have constantly performed well on the international stage. You can view their individual and team achievements here.

Upcoming International Tournaments

The World Croquet Federation have recently confirmed their 12-year forward calendar which can be found on their website, here.  This schedule outlines which world championships are coming up, where they will be hosted and when they will be held.  It is updated regularly as host nations and dates are confirmed.

Upcoming in 2024-25

  • GC World Championships in Virginia, USA from 18th to 26th October 2024.
  • GC World Team Championship – ‘Openshaw Shield’ in Tasmania, Australia from 17th to 23rd February 2025.
  • GC Under 21 World Championship in Florida, USA from 14th to 18th April 2025.
  • AC World Championship in USA, dates and venue to be confirmed.