CNZ Committees

To assist Croquet New Zealand in meeting our objective, Committee’s are established.  These committee’s and who is currently serving on them is listed below:

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

Members:  Baubre Murray (Chair), Dallas Cooke and Tony O’Donnell.

Tournament Committee
Tournament Committee Terms of Reference

Members: Annie Henry, Gaylene Jones, Greg Bryant, Nelson Morrow, Paddy Chapman, Tom Berryman.

Laws Committee

Members: Michael Hardman (Chair), Pat Anderton, Gretchen Benvie, Brian Boutel, Steve Clarke, Brian Monckton, Vince Neall and Graeme Roberts.

Handicap Committee

Members: Robert Wyatt, Allister McGregor, Tony Sullivan and Jim Wardle.

AC Selection Committee

Members: Aaron Westerby (Convener), Jarrod Coutts, Nelson Morrow and Toby Garrison.

GC Selection Committee

Members: John Christie (Convener), Mike Crashley, Tony Stephens and Duncan Dixon.