Merit Awards

CNZ Merit Awards

As an incentive for Association players to improve their playing standards Croquet New Zealand has introduced “Merit Awards”. This scheme is similar to the British Awards which were introduced in the early 1990s.

There are two aims:

  • To encourage enterprising play.
  • To raise overall skills.

Bronze Award

Awarded for the first occasion in a tournament that a player completes a break of 10 hoops or more, using bisques (or without).

Silver Award

Awarded for the first occasion in a tournament that a player makes a break of 12 hoops or more, without bisques. (Hoop points can include peels on partner ball, and peg points count.)

Gold Award

Awarded for a triple peel.

Platinum award

Awarded for a sextuple peel.


  • Only applies in singles games, player must win the game, and the game must be played on an approved sized lawn.
  • A 12 point break does not qualify for the Silver Award if bisques are used to set it up or to tidy up any leave, and a TP does not qualify for a gold award if it is achieved using bisques.
  • It is the responsibility of a player to be aware if he/she has made the requisite standard. However, tournament managers should know the criteria so they can make players aware if they think a player has achieved an award during a tournament.

All enquiries for an award should in the first instance go to the National Office.