Key Documents

Croquet New Zealand Constitution
CNZ Constitution 2020
Croquet New Zealand Strategic Plans
CNZ 2021-26 Strategic Plan
CNZ 2020-21 Reorientation Strategy
CNZ Strategic Plan 2016-2020
To see how we have achieved against the Strategic Plans, check out our Annual Reports
Survey / Questionnaire Reports
2021 AC Laws Workshops Report
2019-20 Club Questionnaire Report
2018 Player Survey Report
2013 Club Questionnaire Report
Player Survey Reports for CNZ Tournaments can be found here.
Croquet New Zealand Policies
CNZ Code of Conduct
CNZ Tournaments at Red Guidelines (updated 24th March 2022)
CNZ 2021-22 Covid Protection Framework Tournament Protocols
CNZ World Championship Entry Fee Policy
CNZ Selection Policy
CNZ Long Term Selection Policy
Croquet New Zealand’s Privacy Statement
Croquet New Zealand takes the privacy of our member’s personal information, and the personal information provided by others for the purpose of distributions lists, very seriously.  Below are the privacy statements which relate to the ways Croquet New Zealand collects person information. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please email these to
Membership Information
Tournament Entry Information
Croquet Matters Distribution List
Current CNZ Yearbooks
CNZ Yearbook Full 2021-22
There have been the following updates to the yearbook:
1. CNZ Don Reyland Stars Tournament (page 32). The phone number for the manager is incorrect. If you need to contact the manager for any reason, please call Lyn Stowers on 027 279 4920.
2. CNZ Arthur Ross has a closing date of 24th February 2021, this should be 24th February 2022.
3. Croquet South Taranaki 94th Annual Tournament (page 81). Condition 1 should have the time limit as 3 hours not 2 hours.
4. Canterbury Croquet Association GC Open (Page 61). Was 19th & 20th March 2022. Now 12th & 13th March 2022.
7th Edition of AC Laws (2021)
7th Edition of AC Laws – Changes Log
6th Edition of GC Rules (2022)
World Croquet Federation
WCF Topic’s and outcomes (from September 2017)
2021-22 Award Nomination Forms
2021-22 Player of the Year Nomination Form
2021-22 Most Improved AC Player Nomination Form
2021-22 Most Improved GC Player Nomination Form
2021-22 Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form
2021-22 Contribution to Croquet Nomination Form
2020-21 Reset and Rebuild Tour
2020-21 Reset & Rebuild Tour – Presentation Slides
2020-21 Reset & Rebuild Tour Report