Public consultation on the draft 7th Edition of the Laws of Association Croquet

The WCF’s AC Laws Committee has developed a consultation draft of the 7th Edition of the AC Laws and following a period of review by national laws / referees committees is now releasing this consultation draft for public comment.  The consultation draft is available on the WCF website at the address

(WCF Home > Croquet information > Association Croquet > The Laws of Association Croquet).

Accompanying the consultation draft are three other documents:

–  a summary of the principal changes proposed for the 7th edition;

–  a document summarising the suggestions for change extracted from the Official Rulings (ORLAC) document that accompanies the 6th edition;

–  summary Minutes of a meeting of the ACLC that took place in Palm Springs in Apr 2017, which produced additional proposals for changes to the Laws.

The latter two documents are the drivers for change that began the ACLC’s work on the 7th edition, but as that work progressed it became apparent to the ACLC that other issues also needed to be tackled.

A new edition of the ORLAC will be produced in due course to accompany the 7th edition.

The public consultation will run until 30 November 2019.  Following the end of this period, the ACLC will review the comments received from croquet players generally and from national Laws / referees committees.  It is the ACLC’s intention then to produce a new draft, to be submitted to the WCF for the formal consultation with WCF members required under the WCF’s statutes.

The ACLC requests that, so far as the Nottingham lists are concerned, discussion on the draft Laws should take place on the Laws list (, which you can subscribe to at ) rather than the general list.  ACLC members will monitor the discussions that take place and respond as appropriate. 

Comments or questions may also be sent directly to ACLC members, copied as appropriate to national laws / referees committee chairs.

Graeme Roberts

chair, WCF ACLC

on behalf of the members of the ACLC:

Elizabeth Fleming             Australia

Stephen Mulliner              World Croquet Federation

Graeme Roberts               New Zealand

Martyn Selman                 United States of America

Ian Vincent                        England