Don Reyland Stars Cup Returns to Wellington

Keelan Macfadyen has ensured that the Don Reyland Stars Cup will return to Wellington with his victory in Nelson over the 27th and 28th of March 2021.

The national GC handicap tournament saw 13 Associations represented in Nelson.

With torrential rain forecast for Sunday, the entrants were split into two blocks for Saturday’s play. With the top 3 from each block advancing to the Super Section on Sunday.

Block 1 was one by Ian Gillespie (Nelson) who won all of his games on Saturday. He was joined in the next round by Jeff Cooke (Hawkes Bay) and Matthew Hodgetts (Thames Valley) who had won 5 games and 4 game respectively.

In Block 2, Macfadyen won 5 of his 6 games to qualify top. Simon McGaskill (Waikato-King Country) qualified second with 4 wins while there was a 3-way tie for third, each having 3 wins. The contest in Block 2 was so close that Mike Guillemot (Marlborough) and David Galvin (South Canterbury) were tied on net-points. Guillemot advanced to the Super Section as he held the tie-breaker thanks to his 7-4 win over Galvin during block play.

Macfadyen won 4 of his 5 games on Sunday in the Super Section which was enough to claim the title for 2020-21.
In another close section, Gillespie came second due to his win over Hodgetts after they had both ended the Super Section with 3 wins and the same net hoops.

Full scores can be found on Croquet Scores using the link below:
Don Reyland Stars Final