2020 AC Invitations

The 2019/20 season is quickly progressing and with that it means it is almost time for the 2020 AC Invitations!
The players listed below have been invited to compete in the invitation events with those who have accepted in bold.

Women’s AC Invitation – Marton CC from 21st – 23rd Feburary
– Cindy Clarke
– Bonnie Johnstone
– Susan Leuchars
– Baubre Murray
– Carissa Price
– Heather Richardson
– Alison Robinson
– Sonya Sedgwick

Dallas Cooke and Eleanor Ross were also invited but were unavailable.

CA Silver Tray Invitation – Wellington Municipal CC from 19th – 22nd March
– Greg Bryant
– Aiken Hakes
– Aaron Westerby

Josh Freeth
– Chris Shilling
Harps Tahurangi

Miss Edwina Thompson Silver Tray Invitation – Waikanae CC from 18th – 22nd March
– John Christie
Jarrod Coutts
– Nelson Morrow
Peter Filbee
Alison Robinson
– Stefan Horrer

Roger Murfitt Trophy Invitation – Petone Central CC from 18th – 22nd March
– Graeme Fisher

Ali’i Posimani
Doug van Belle
– Robbie Spooner
– Len Lea
– Carissa Price
Marion McInnes
Terry Price

Reserves: Doug Nottage

Mrs R. A. Clarke Copper Tray Invitation – Punga CC from 20th – 22nd March
– Kathie Grant
Jonathan Hart
– Ann Sharp
– Peter Westaway
– Brigitte Westaway
– Baubre Murray

Graeme Simpson
– Owen Evans
Kevin McGlinchy