8-10 March 2024 – Don Reyland Stars National Final

8-10 March 2024 – Don Reyland Stars National Final

CNZ Don Reyland Stars Tournament

CNZ’s National GC Handicap Competition

Held by Otago Croquet Association

on Friday 8th to Sunday 10th March 2024

Manager Ann Sharp

Ph: (03) 455 7875                          Email:  getsharp@xtra.co.nz

Referee TBC
Headquarters Forbury Park Croquet Club, Victoria Road, Dunedin
Club House A clubhouse fee of up to $5 per day may be charged to all players.
Entries Entries should reach Croquet New Zealand by Thursday 22nd February 2024.
Entry Fees $75 for the final. Clubs and Association may charge an entry fee for club and association lead-up events.

The Gold Star 2022–2023 Winner – Patrick Conolly

The Silver Star 2022–2023 Winner – Doug Cowie


  1. All matches will be handicap singles games.
  2. Time limits may apply.
  3. This is the national final played under the auspices of the Tournament Regulations. Associations are responsible for submitting the entry fee.
  4. Method of play will be decided after entries have been received. This decision will be based on providing a full Tournament’s play for competitors. Players will be notified at the start of the tournament which method of play is being used.
  5. Nominal hoop dimensions will be set at the largest ball plus 1/16th of an inch with an upward and downward tolerance of 1/32nd inch.
  6. Quadway hoops will be used.
  7. Play will begin at 12pm on Friday 8th.