21-23 October 2023 – AC Club Championships

21-23 October 2023 – AC Club Championships

CNZ AC Club Championships

Held by the Wellington Croquet Association

Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd October 2023 from 9am

Manager Player Managed
Referee TBC
Headquarters Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club, Kelburn Park, Salamanca Rd, Kelburn.
Catering Any club house fee, up to $5 per day, will be charged to all

competing players only for the days present.

CNZ has invited four of our strongest AC Clubs: Epsom Remuera, Waireka, Wellington & Whakatane to contest a club championship in the context of a player development event to support CNZ’s high performance objectives for AC. To assist fulfilment of these objectives, CNZ has secured the option to allocate a limited number of places on each club team to players not affiliated to these four clubs.

2022–2023 Winner – Waireka Croquet Club


  1. A club team will consist of 6 players.
  2. The event will be an all-play-all test series using a seeded draw.
  3. A test match will consist of 9 single games of doubles (Bo9). Doubles pairings cannot be changed during a test match.
  4. The winning team will be the team with the highest number of test matches won. In the event of a tie this will be resolved using highest net games.  In the event two or more teams are still tied, a draw will be declared.
  5. A time limit of not less than 2.5 hrs will set by the manager on a round by round basis according to the event’s schedule.
  6. The first round of each test will be played alternate stroke. With the agreement of all players in a game, alternate stroke can also be played in subsequent rounds.
  7. Double banking may be required.
  8. Quadway hoops will be used.
  9. Hoops will be set to the widest axis of any ball to be used on the lawn plus 1/32nd of an inch with an upwards tolerance of zero and a downward tolerance of 1/64th of an inch.