28 February – 1 March 2020 – Arthur Ross National Final

28 February – 1 March 2020 – Arthur Ross National Final

Croquet New Zealand presents The Arthur Ross Memorial Event Handicap Singles Final to be held by the Otago Croquet Association at Leith Croquet Club from Friday 28th February to Sunday 1st March 2020 from 8:30am

Manager: Ngaire McKenzie, Ph: (03) 454 7875, Email: ngairemck@xtra.co.nz

Headquarters: Leith Croquet Club, 9 Quentin Avenue, Dunedin

Catering: Any club house fees, up to $5 per day, will be charged to all competing players only for the days present.

Entries: Entries should reach Croquet New Zealand by Thursday 13th February 2020

Entry Fee:  $30 for the final.  Clubs and Associations may charge an entry fee for club and association lead-up events.


The winner will receive the Arthur Ross Memorial Event Trophy, donated by the Ross Family and A.D.J. Heenan OBE, which will remain the property of the NZCC. 2018–19 – Robbie Spooner


1. The method of play will be determined once entries have been received, based on trying to get a full tournaments play for all participants.

2. Please note that Associations are responsible for submitting the entry fee.

3. Double Banking as required.

4. Players and their Associations will be responsible for all their own travel, accommodation arrangements and incidental costs.

5. Nominal hoop dimensions will be set at the largest ball plus 1 /16 of an inch with an upward and downward tolerance of 1 /32 inch.

6. Quadway hoops will be used.