18-22 March 2020 – Edwina Thompson AC Invitation

18-22 March 2020 – Edwina Thompson AC Invitation

Croquet New Zealand presents The Miss Edwina Thompson Silver Tray Open Invitation to be held by Wellington Croquet Association at Waikanae Croquet Club from Wednesday 18th to Sunday 22nd March 2020 at 8:30am

Manager: Francie Vagg, Ph: (04) 297 2698, Email: francie.vagg@hotmail

Headquarters: Waikanae Croquet Club, Park Avenue, Waikanae

Catering: Any club house fees, up to $5 per day, will be charged to all competing players only for the days present.

Entry Fee: $50, payable on selection.

The winner will hold the Miss Edwina Thompson Silver Tray for one year. 2018-19 – John Christie


1. Advanced Singles Play (Championship).

2. Selection by invitation of 8 players.

3. Double Round Robin. Single Games. No time limit.

4. Nominal hoop dimensions will be set to the largest ball plus 1/16″ with an upwards tolerance and downwards tolerance of 1/32″.

5. A badge will be presented to a first-time winner and badges to first-time competitors in any CNZ invitation.

6. Games may be double banked.

7. Quadway hoops will be used.

8. Players will be automatically promoted to the Silver Tray Open invitation if needed.