30-31 March 2019 – Don Reyland Stars National Final

30-31 March 2019 – Don Reyland Stars National Final

Croquet New Zealand presents The Golf Croquet Don Reyland Stars Tournament to be held by Thames Valley Croquet Association at Morrinsville Croquet Club on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March 2019 at 8:30am

Manager: Geoff Young, Ph: (07) 889 1322, Email: geoffyoung@xnet.co.nz

Headquarters: Morrinsville Croquet Club, Linden Street, Morrinsville 3300.

Catering: Any club house fees, up to $5 per day, will be charged to all competing players only for the days present.

Entries: Details of the Association Finalist to be sent to the Executive Director by Thursday 14th March 2019.

Entry Fees: $20 for the final. Clubs and Associations may charge a entry fee for club and association lead-up events.



1. All matches will be handicap singles games.

2. Time limits may apply.

3. This is the national final played under the auspices of Appendix 3(b) of the tournament regulations

4. Method of play will be decided after entries have been received. This decision will be based on providing a full Tournament’s play for competitors. Players will be notified at the start of the tournament which method of play is being used.

5. Nominal hoop dimensions will be set at the largest ball plus 1 /16 of an inch with an upward and downward tolerance of 1 /32 inch.

6. The Gold Star is awarded to the winner of the event 2017-18 – Laura Sutherland

7. Silver Star to the runner-up 2017-18 – Geoff Vautier