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1-5 November 2017 – Men’s & Women’s Championships

1-5 November 2017 – Men’s & Women’s Championships

Croquet New Zealand presents The New Zealand Men’s and Women’s Championships To be held by Croquet Manawatu-Wanganui at Rangatira from Wednesday 1st to Sunday 5th November 2017 at 8:30am

Manager & Handicapper: Michael Hardman, 400 Albert Street, Palmerston North 4410 Ph: (06) 353 5980 Email:

Referee: Vince Neall. Ph: (06) 356 9836 Email:

Headquarters: Rangatira Croquet Club (6 Lawns) McPhee Street, Dannevirke

Publicity: Bethia Campbell, 46 Ruahine Street, Dannevirke Ph: (06) 374 5382

Catering: A clubhouse fee of $5 per day (which includes tea/coffee/light refreshments) may be charged to all players by the host club.

Entries: Entries close Thursday 19th October 2017 – Register online at, or – send copy of Official Entry Form with all entry fees to CNZ, Executive Director, PO Box 11259, Wellington 6142 Entry Fees: Events 1 & 2: $35 each. Event 3: $25 each


1. New Zealand Women’s Championship: Challenge Trophy presented by Mrs G. Murray-Aynsley. 2016–17 – Nina Mayard Husson

2. New Zealand Men’s Championship: The “Captain F. L. Hartnell” Memorial Challenge Trophy presented by the Taranaki Association. 2016–17 – Aiken Hakes

3. New Zealand Championship Mixed Doubles: Trophies presented by W.R. and D.J. Bulloch. 2016-17 – Steve Jones & Alison Robinson


1. Advanced Play (Championship).

2. Time limits may apply.

3. In order to complete the tournament in time available, entries may have to be limited.

4. Method of play in all events will be decided after entries have been received. This decision will be based on providing a full tournament’s play for competitors. Players will be notified at the start of the tournament which method of play is being used.

5. Nominal hoop dimensions will be set at the largest ball plus 1 /32 of an inch with an upwards tolerance of zero and a downward tolerance of 1 /64th of an inch

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