Arthur Ross Memorial

Trophy presented by A.D.J. Heenan OBE and Members of the Ross Family.

In its year of presentation of 1979, the event was played on an international basis in conjunction with the President’s Invitation Event: Senior Section, and until 1982 as a Challenge Trophy between the holder and the winner. Paul Skinley won the first three editions and Madeline Hadwin won in 1982.

In 1983, 1984 and 1985 it was played as a match between winner of Women’s and Men’s Handicap Singles events. The winners were G. Beale in 1983, M. Keegan in 1984 and G. Smith in 1985.

In 1986, the format of the Arthur Ross Memorial Event was determined as a National Handicap Event, open to all players. Below is the list of players since then in reverse chronological order:

2024N. TadukaG. Bryant
2023L. RiveE. Scott
2022G. BryantP. Fage
2021Not Held
2020M. SpoonerJ. Winter
2019R. SpoonerC. Johnstone
2018S. Horrer (2)V. Neall
2017S. HorrerI. Campbell
2016G. SimpsonW. Gair
2015F. WebbyP. Skinley
2014E. FordyceG. Bryant
2013K. JacksonD. Bulloch
2012B. BeetsonM. McClure
2011J. SmithS. Foster
2010S. GagnonN. Ashley
2009L. WhittakerH. Murrelll
2008G. RobertsC. Curtis
2007G. DuckettB. Williams
2006D. DixonR. Burrell
2005S. HurringP. Lennie
2004R. BurrellM. Powell
2003T. GarrisonR. Cawley
2002C. TuckerC. Lyles
2001T. HindeR. Dunnett
2000C. LylesG. Wicksteed
1999M. Keegan
1998R. Stonely
1997P. Landrebe
1996R. Baker
1995J. Wall
1994A. van Saarloos
1993P. Couch
1992S. Davis
1991R. Lowe (2)
1990K. Haswell
1989A. Westerby
1988B. Elkis
1987S. Jones
1986R. Lowe