GC Invitations


Congratulations to Hemi Mclaren for winning the Yvonne Yeates GC Invitation, Dave Roberts for winning the Duncan Dixon, and Angus Coulter for winning the Gordon Smith



yy winner

Hemi McLaren with Yvonne Yeates (Past President who donated the trophy)


The GC Selection Panel has invited the following players to compete in the GC Invitations (confirmed players only.  names will be added once confirmed)

Yvonne Yeates:

Phillip Drew, Dennis Bulloch, Felix Webby, Josh Freeth, Lachie Hughes, Nelson Morrow, Steve Piercy, Hemi Mclaren, George Coulter Sue Roberts

Duncan Dixon:

Geoff Young, Phyllis Young, Andrew Dixon, Dave Roberts, Jim Peck, Bill Heapy, Pam Fisher, Connell Leahy, Jeff France, Doug Nottage

Gordon Smith:

Zoe Peterson, Joan Cook, Lynette Grant, Joe Beattie, Grace Mohi, Colleen Reynolds, Karen Johnston, Carol Piercy, Angus Coulter (1 to be confirmed)