Executive Director Leaving

Dear Members,

Croquet New Zealand is going through some changes and I want you to hear about them. CNZ’s Executive Director Murray Taylor has resigned and accepted another position. He will be leaving the end of May but will be available to help us through the transition. On behalf of the Executive, we appreciate the service he has given Croquet New Zealand. Many of our members know him through their contact with him. He will be missed. We wish him the best in his new position.

The Executive Director’s position is posted. We are seeking an individual who will support the strategic plan that we have in place. If you know of someone, please encourage that person to apply. Information will be on the CNZ website and FB. We will keep you informed of how the national office will operate during the transition.

Upcoming Executive Elections

July 31st nominations for positions on the Executive are due to CNZ National Office. According to our current Constitution there are four positions on the Executive: President, 2 Vice – Presidents, and 4 Councillors. One Councillor must be from the South Island. Originally vice – presidents are to be elected alternate years and 2 councillors are elected alternate years. With the changes on the Executive, this is out of sync. We will propose changes to the Constitution to address this before the nominations are due.

We have been fortunate to have people willing to serve on the Executive and help move our sport forward. We have several positions that will be vacant or eligible for re-election.

It is important to nominate people who are dedicated to make our sport the best it can be for EVERYONE. The following positions are vacant or eligible to be re-elected:

President – Annie Henry – eligible for re-election

Vice – President (2) one vacancy and Phillip Drew eligible for re-election

Councillors (3) – Don Reyland is standing down; Brian Boutel and Dallas Cooke cannot stand for Councillor but can be nominated for another position. Stephen Fordyce was co-opted onto the Executive and will be eligible to be elected.

Murray Goldfinch is completing his first year of his second 2 year term.

Nomination forms will be out soon.

Warm regards,



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