Croquet Quiz

Think you know a lot about croquet? Or want to test your knowledge? Grab your friends, family and club mates and give the Croquet Quiz a go!

Suggested by Sally Harper, organized by Chris Clarke, here are the details for the Croquet Quiz!

All quizzes will be 26 multi-choice questions and will last for about 15 mins. You will have 25 seconds to answer the questions followed by the correct answer/s being shown and then 10 seconds before the next question.

The quizzes will be hosted at Allow yourself a few minutes to set up an account in order to be able to play. Each quiz will be run twice in order to allow most to play at a sociable time. Please do not play the same quiz twice!

The New Zealand friendly times are listed below – you will need the quiz numbers shown below which are specific to each quiz.
Tuesday 8.05pm NZT – Croquet Quiz – Quiz Number: 090875
Wednesday 8.05pm NZT – General Knowledge – Quiz Number: 097727
Thursday 8.05pm NZT – Croquet Quiz – Quiz Number: 097935

Each quiz will be repeated at 8.05pm UK time.

Please feel free to provide feedback of the difficulty (or lack of) of the quiz questions and whether you would prefer 2 x general knowledge each week and just one croquet specific. Anyone wishing to help run the quizzes would be welcomed.

Hopefully these quizzes will provide some light relief. Thanks to all those working in essential services at this difficult time.