Coaching Coaches

The CNZ Coaching Coaches Programme consists of people learning about The New Zealand CoachApproach style of coaching through facilitated workshops and experiencing coaching in practice. The Programme aims to create a player-centred coaching environment which encourages players to become self-aware, independent, confident and motivated to coach themselves. It encourages player ownership and responsibility, allows them to make informed decisions and emphasises individual growth and change.

The CNZ Coaching Coaches programme will encourage a higher level of understanding and awareness of how you coach, and the teaching and coaching strategies, behaviours, styles, and methods you use.

The Level 1 Coaching Coaches Programme provides you with:

  • Key principles of effective coaching.
  • Opportunities to explore different coaching approaches.
  • Help you develop your own coaching philosophy and style.
  • Support your learning in the role through the ‘Coaching Experience’.
  • A Coaches Toolkit of resources for effective coaching sessions. 

The CNZ Programme is suited to any CNZ affiliated member who intends to fulfil a coaching role. Typically, Level 1 coaches are club coaches, assisting with new to croquet players, Primary Grade club members and secondary schools programme support.

Level 1 Coaching for Coaches workshops are delivered by CNZ at the request of any Association. Workshop host requirements and the CNZ Level 1 Coach Qualification criteria are set out below.

LEVEL 1 Workshop Host:
Coaching Coaches workshop hosting requirements:
A croquet venue with clubhouse facilities for two consecutive days, approximately 9.30am to 4pm each day.

Approximately, enough lawns to accommodate two workshop participants per lawn. Lawns are required for 1.5 hours on day two (approximately around midday). The workshop can work around any regular club activities at other times.

Clubhouse access from 9am to 4.30pm each day.

Light refreshments. A fee can be charged to participants if required.

Club Health & Safety procedures established (esp. with regard to Covid-19 Alert Level requirements).

A coordinator to assist with preparations – Participants are required to arrange two players each for a practical coaching session on day 2 for 1 hour. Coordinator’s may be required to assist with arranging local players for workshop participants from other regions.

CNZ Coaching Coaches Workshops are suited to those wanting to develop as GC and/or AC coaches. The factor that determines which code you qualify for is the content of your prepared and delivered coaching plans.

There is no deadline for qualification after completing the workshops however it is recommended that an assessment should take place within two seasons. Most like to take a season or so to work on their coaching skills and to deliver the required number of coaching sessions towards qualification.

The total cost per participant is $65incl GST. This includes a level 1 Coaches folder with workshop materials and a Coaches Toolkit of TGfU examples, observation templates and skills sheets. Assessor visits for observations and assessments through to qualification are also included in the fee. Access to coaching information and updates are provided on an ongoing basis for all coaches that are registered on the CNZ database.

A Coaches folder will be sent to all registered participants prior to the 1st workshop for familiarity and some pre-workshop preparation.

Once qualified, Coaches will have their CNZ database record credited with a Coaching Qualification and receive a CNZ Coach badge according to the code and level attained.

The Workshops:

WORKSHOP 1 What is Coaching?WORKSHOP 2 TGfUWORKSHOP 3 Skills learningWORKSHOP 4 Design & Deliver
Your Coaching Style

Coach philosophies
Teaching Games for UnderstandingSkills observation

Skills development
Prepare and deliver a coaching session

Delivered by Coach Tutors, RST’s or other CNZ approved facilitators

Sport Specific Sessions – Technical & Tactical:

Association Croquet Level 1Comprehend, describe and demonstrate the technical and tactical content of the Level 1 Coaches Toolkit and/or

Capable of playing 2 consecutive 4 ball pivot ball breaks comprising 24 hoops and peg out using bisques equal to their handicap (or less) from any starting position

Evidence of participation in competition at Association level or above.
Golf Croquet Level 1Evidence of a GC Handicap of 8 or less, based on singles play merit

Comprehend, describe and demonstrate the technical and tactical content of the Level 1 Coaches Toolkit

Evidence of participation in competition at Association level or above.
Delivered by Coach Tutors or other CNZ approved personnel

The Coaching Experience:

Association Croquet Level 1

Golf Croquet Level 1
Trainees produce 6 written session plans suitable for
beginners or for the players they intend to coach as part
of the practical requirements listed below. At least 4 of
these sessions must be delivered and reflections carried
out as outlined in the Level 1 Coaches Journal.

10 hours of face-to-face coaching of players at a
beginner or high bisque level (AC above 16 / GC above 8)
and produce a log book detailing this. A minimum
of 2 sessions must be delivered to a group of
at least 4 players.

Using a set format, the Tutor or other CNZ appointed
assessor undertakes an assessment of the practical
coaching skills of the trainee. A 1-hour coaching session prepared and delivered by the trainee to a group
of at least two players will be observed and reviewed by the assessor.
Overseen by a Coach Tutor or CNZ approved Mentor