Coaching Programme (for coaches)



The Croquet NZ (CNZ) coaching programme has been developed in line with the CNZ Coaching Policy, The New Zealand Coaching Strategy and CoachApproach principals.

Its philosophies, ideas and resources provide the foundation stones for the development of effective coaching at all levels of the CNZ Coaching Programme.


The programme consists of people learning about The New Zealand CoachApproach style of coaching through facilitated workshops and experiencing coaching in practice.  By adopting the principles and philosophies of the New Zealand CoachApproach, the CNZ Coaching Programme aims to achieve an athlete-centred coaching environment which encourages athletes to become self-aware and self-sufficient, encourages athlete ownership and responsibility, allows them to make informed decisions and emphasises individual growth and change.

Each coaching qualification incorporates three parts to learning through:

  • Workshops and learning modules

‘How to Coach’.

  • Technical and tactical

‘What to Coach’ (Sport specific)

  • The Coaching Experience

‘Putting the learning into practice


CoachApproach Introduction Video

video here


Gaining a Level 1 AC or GC Coach Qualification

A trainee Level 1 Coach must complete the following 4 workshops, demonstrate appropriate technical & tactical abilities and complete the Coaching Experience activities. Trainee Coaches will require the Level 1 Coaches folder containing the Coaches Journal and Level 1 Coaches Toolkit. Folders can be ordered from Croquet NZ or via your Coach Tutor.

WORKSHOP 1What is Coaching? WORKSHOP 2Designing Great Coaching Sessions WORKSHOP 3Games Approach WORKSHOP 4Skill Learning

Delivered by Coach Tutors, RST’s or other CNZ approved facilitators

  • Coach Foundation Stones
  • Leader skills, styles, experiences.
  • What Do I Value?
    • Your athletes
    • Plan a coaching session
    • Design a Game (TGfU)
    • Coaching skills checklist
    • Reflecting on your experience


SPORT –SPECIFIC SESSIONSTechnical and tactical

Delivered by Coach Tutors or other CNZ approved personnel

Association Croquet Level 1
  • Comprehend, describe and demonstrate the technical and tactical content of the Level 1 Coaches Toolkit and/or
  • Capable of playing 2 consecutive 4 ball pivot ball breaks comprising 24 hoops and peg out using bisques equal to their handicap (or less) from any starting position
  • Evidence of participation in competition at Association level or above.
Golf Croquet Level 1
  • Evidence of a GC Handicap of 8 or less, based on singles play merit
  • Comprehend, describe and demonstrate the technical and tactical content of the Level 1 Coaches Toolkit
  • Evidence of participation in competition at Association level or above.



Overseen by a Coach Tutor or CNZ approved Mentor

  • Association Croquet Level 1


  • Golf Croquet Level 1
  •  Trainees produce 6 written session plans suitable for beginners or for the players they intend to coach as part of the practical requirements listed below. At least 4 of these sessions must be delivered and reflections carried out as outlined in the Level 1 Coaches Journal.
  • 10 hours of face-to-face coaching of players at a beginner or high bisque level (AC above 16 / GC above 8) and produce a log book detailing this. A minimum of 4 sessions must be delivered to groups of at least 4 players (this acknowledges the additional skills in management and inclusion required to coach groups of players).
  • Using a set format, the Tutor or other assessor appointed by the local Association then undertakes an assessment of the practical coaching skills of the trainees.


The CNZ level 1 Programme Guide

This Programme Guide, for Coach Tutors facilitating the CNZ Level 1 Coaching programme. This Guide provides Coach Tutors with information about the structure of the programme and resources to deliver a CNZ Level 1 Coaching Programme for people who want achieve the Level 1 AC or GC Coach Qualification.

The Guide includes educational resources, 4 Powerpoint presentations for the Level 1 Coach Workshops on DVD, and Coach Assessment forms.



The CNZ Level 1 Coach Journal

The Coach Journal for trainee Level 1 coaches includes facilitated workshop activities for coaches to explore their coaching style and record their coaching journey. It includes educational resources about how to coach, and guidelines for planning and delivering great coaching sessions based on the CoachApproach principles.




The CNZ Level 1 Coach Toolkit

Includes sport specific technical and tactical resources to support coaching sessions. Coaches can use these reources to help plan their coaching sessions, and provide players with useful hand-outs to support their learning.

The Toolkit is made up of Modules, each discussing a particular Golf Croquet or Association Croquet topic. Coaches are encouraged to add their own resources to their Toolkit and to share their unique coaching activities with the croquet coaching community.


MODULE L1M1 Getting Started  here

MODULE L1M2 Single Ball Strokes here

MODULE L1M3 Golf Croquet Tactics here

MODULE L1M4 Roquet, Croquet, Continuation here

MODULE L1M5 Croquet Strokes here

MODULE L1M6 Break Play here

MODULE L1M7 Game Play (Association Croquet) here

MODULE L1M8 Handicap Play (Golf Croquet) here

MODULE L1M9 Handicap Play (Association Croquet) here

MODULE L1M10 Competition Croquet here

MODULE TGFU Teaching Games For Understanding here





CNZ Coaching Pathways Summary

CNZ Coaching Qualifications and Player Merit Awards are provided at the following levels.

Game Coaching Level Player Standard
Golf Croquet Level 1

Level 2


Player Handicap 12 – 8

Player Handicap   7 – 2


Merit Award
Association Croquet Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Completion of a break of 10 or more, with or without bisques

Completion of a break of 12 or more, without the use of bisques

Completion of a Triple Peel, without the use of bisques

Completion of a Sextuple Peel, without the use of bisques


Level 1 Coaching Programme folders are available for purchase from Croquet NZ.

Level 1 Programme including Programme Guide and DVD (for Coach Tutors) $70.00 including GST

Level 1 Programme excluding Programme Guide and DVD (For trainee Coaches) $55.00 including GST