Club WOF

The Club Warrant of Fitness (Club WoF) is a resource provided by Sport New Zealand to help sport or recreation clubs assess their  strengths and weaknesses, and suggests improvements.

Complete the Questionnaire here – Club Warrant of Fitness

Club WoF questions

The Club WoF asks a number of questions within six broad areas of club capability:

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Customer focus
  • Sport delivery
  • People management
  • Sport management.

Each question asks if you agree that your club is doing a good job in this area and how much of a priority you think it is for your club to work on this area right now.

At the end of the assessment you’ll find out what questions you scored lowest on. The Club WoF also asks you to select what you think are the five improvement priorities for your club right now and would like to receive further feedback on. On submitting your assessment, you’ll immediately be emailed a Club WoF report.

If you want to give us feedback on the Club WoF, email us at:


The Club WoF report is aimed at helping your club discuss how it can improve its capability in the five areas you chose to receive further feedback on. The report includes your Club WoF results, information on good practice, as well as links to further resources.