Association Croquet World Championship Qualifying Event

With 5 places currently available at the 2018 Association Croquet World Championship, next weeks Qualifying tournament (30 Jan – 1 Feb) at Rose Gardens Croquet Club will be hotly contested.

The following players will be in action during the event:

  • John Arney (Australia)
  • Virginia Arney (Australia)
  • Ian Campbell (NZ)
  • Vincent Commarieu (NZ)
  • Graeme Fisher (NZ)
  • Andrew Gregory (England)
  • Jace Hobbs (NZ)
  • Basil Ladyman (Australia)
  • Robert Lowe (NZ)
  • Beatrice McGlen (England)
  • Liz McLay (NZ)
  • Andre Murray (NZ)
  • Harry Murrell (NZ)
  • Carissa Price (NZ)
  • Terry Price (NZ)
  • Paul Stuart (NZ)
  • Douglas van Belle (NZ)
  • Brigitte Westaway (NZ)


You can check results on Croquet Scores.  Alternatively, if you are in the region, why not pop down and catch some of the action live.