AC Laws Workshops

The new (7th edition) AC Laws come into effect in New Zealand on 1 July.  

As part of this process, Croquet New Zealand will be holding a series of AC Laws Workshops around the country over the next 2-3 months.   There will be 7 workshops in total, 2 in the Upper North Island, 2 in the Lower North Island and 3 in the South Island. The two in the Lower NI, at Feilding and (provisionally) Plimmerton, will be held in June and the remainder in July and early August.

Details of dates and remaining venues will be sent out to the relevant Associations when finalised.

These workshops are open to everyone.  AC Umpires and Referees and those intending to qualify as such are particularly encouraged to participate.

If you are interested in attending, contact your Association or Michael Hardman (Chair of the Laws Committee) at for more details.