AC Invitations

The AC Selection Panel has met and wishes to invite the following players.

CA Silver Tray

Greg Bryant

Jenny Clarke

Edmund Fordyce

Aiken Hakes

Joe Hogan

Chris Shilling

Paul Skinley

Harps Tahurangi


Edwina Thompson (in order of promotion to the CA Silver Tray if any withdrawals occur)

Brian Bullen

Michael Wright

John Christie

Dennis Bulloch

Peter Filbee

Vincent Commarieu

Nelson Morrow

Alison Robinson


Roger Murfit (in order of promotion to the Edwina Thompson if any withdrawals occur)

Kevin Fellows

Frank Robinson

Graeme Fisher

Nina Mayard-Husson

Dallas Cooke

Kathie Grant

Ian Campbell

Keith Ebden



Jim Wardle

Harry Murrell

Murray Goldfinch

William Rush

Doug Nottage

John Muir

Doug Van Belle

Mike McClure

Roger Adamson