AC Invitations


The venue for the CA Silver Tray will now be Richmond

The 14 players from the Edwina Thompson & Roger Murfitt invitations (listed below) will play for the Edwina Thompson Trophy at Nelson-Hinemoa.


The AC Selection Panel has issued invitations to players to compete in the AC Invitation in March.  The following are those players who have confirmed their place:

CA Silver Tray

Greg Bryant, Dennis Bulloch, Aiken Hakes, Edmund Fordyce, Chris Shilling, Paul Skinley, Harps Tahurangi, Felix Webby

Edwina Thompson

Brian Wislang, Peter Filbee, John Christie, Nelson Morrow, Vincent Commarieu, Keith Ebden Alison Robinson, Kathie Grant

Roger Murfitt

Mike McClure, Graeme Fisher, Ian Campbell, Doug Nottage, William Rush, Jim Wardle

RA Clarke Copper Tray

Tom Berryman, Carissa Price, Simon Dell, Pauline Reid, Ann Sharp, Paul Stuart, Richard Williamson, Terry Price, Carol Pugh, Roger White

Gold Cup

Anita Fowler, Baubre Murray, Bonnie Johnstone, Cindy Clarke, Jeff France, Hemi McLaren, Janet Boutel, Raymond Yin, Vince Neall , Robert McLay