AC Invitation Event Selections

The AC Selection Panel have met and are pleased to invite the following players to compete in the 2019 AC Invitations.

Should anyone withdraw, the next person on the reserve list will be notified and offered the place.

NB:  Any name appearing in bold means they have confirmed their place.


The CA Silver Tray Open Invitation:

  • Greg Bryant
  • Aaron Westerby
  • Aiken Hakes
  • Chris Shilling
  • Felix Webby
  • Logan McCorkindale

The Miss Edwina Thompson Silver Tray Open Invitation:

  • John Christie
  • Peter Parkinson
  • Peter Filbee
  • Keith Ebden
  • Vincent Commarieu
  • Jace Hobbs
  • Jim Wardle
  • Graeme Fisher


  • Graeme Simpson
  • Doug Nottage

The Mrs R. A. Clarke Copper Tray Invitation:

  • Doug van Belle
  • Wayne Gair
  • Stefan Horrer
  • Kathie Grant
  • Peter Westaway
  • Terry Price
  • Brigitte Westaway
  • Patricia Dollan
  • Bonnie Johnstone
  • Jim Gilligan


The Croquet Association Gold Cup Invitation:

  • Jonathan Hart
  • Vincent Neall
  • Baurbe Murray
  • Mike Lings
  • John McInnes
  • Stewart Pye
  • Robbie Spooner
  • Kaleb Small
  • Jacqui Anderson
  • Brian Hart



  • Susan Leuchars
  • Dianne Charteris
  • Jeffrey Gatchell