2023 U21 GC World Championship

Congratulations to all our New Zealand representatives for 2023 U21 GC World Championship to be held between 8 and 12 February in Mount Maunganui and Tauranga. In addition to the ranking places finalised in September, all membership places and replacement ranking and replacement membership places have now been finalised. The full list of New Zealand players is:

Amy Gust CNZ Membership Place
Callum Mckinnon CNZ Membership Place
Emily Marstella CNZ Membership Place
Flynn Moses-Jones CNZ Membership Place
James Duggan CNZ Ranking Place
Jessica Bullen CNZ Ranking Place
Joel Steele CNZ Ranking Place
Josh Winter CNZ Ranking Place
Levi Franks CNZ Ranking Place
Michael Lauer CNZ Ranking Place
Myles Duggan CNZ Ranking Place
Nathan Bullen CNZ Ranking Place
Paul KaiserCNZ Ranking Place
Te Kiri King CNZ Ranking Place
Robbie Spooner CNZ Replacement Membership
Ashton Sharp CNZ Replacement Ranking
Ethan McDonald CNZ Replacement Ranking

The full list of players can be found here.