2022 U21 GCWC Update

The impacts of Covid-19 resulted in the WCF announcing that the entire World Championship calendar would be postponed 1 year. For many, this simply meant a change of dates. However, for the U21 GC World Championship it had a wider impact on eligibility.

Due to the exceptional circumstances, the WCF Sport Regulations have been temporarily amended to allow those individuals who would have been eligible to compete in 2021 to still compete in 2022.

The WCF said “Allowing any player who would have been eligible for a 2021 U21 GCWC to remain eligible for the same event in 2022 would be consistent with treating the 2021 GCWC as postponed rather cancelled.  In view of the exceptional circumstances that led to the postponement, the WCF MC recommended to Council that WCF Sports Regulations paragraph 5.1.5 be temporarily amended so that players whose 21st birthdays fall in 2021 will still be eligible to play in a 2022 U21 GCWC.  The Council voted by 56-0 to approve the MC recommendation.