2021-22 Women’s GC Update

Croquet New Zealand is excited to announce that the Women’s GC Tournament has been re-scheduled to 19th & 20th of February 2022 at Croquet Mount Maunganui.

The Women’s GC Tournament plays an important role in developing female GC players and CNZ is committed to ensuring the Tournament was not cancelled in back to back years after being cancelled in 2019-20 due to Covid-19.  Due to the World Championships scheduled to be held in February 2022 being cancelled/postponed, this provided CNZ the opportunity to re-schedule this Tournament.

Individuals who had entered by the original date, and have not requested a refund, are automatically entered for the new dates.  The entry portal will be re-opened next Monday, 20th September 2021 with the new closing dates;
Allocation Date: 22nd December 2021
Closing Date: 26th January 2022

More information on the coaching will be provided shortly.