2020/21 Youth and U21 Squads

The 2020 CNZ Youth and U21 Squad positions are retained by the 2019 selections – recognising the impact of Covid-19 event cancellations and postponements. Although currently selected players have progressed through squad trigger-points there are no new Youth Squad selections for this 2020 season (Harry Wilson and Sen Macmaster have entered the Youth Squad, previously Start-Up Scholarship recipients).

The 2020/21 Squads are:

Youth SquadU21 Squad
Jacob MildenhallIsobelle-Alan Ward
Harry WilsonTe Kiri King
Sen MacmasterEthan Duan
Jonny HaltonLogan McKinnon
Finlay WebbMichael Lauer
Vienna van HeeswyckAli’i Posimani
Flynn Moses-JonesJoel Steele
Jessica BullenMyles Duggan
Stephen TurnerAngus Coulter
Callum McKinnonJames Duggan
Robbie Spooner
Paul Kaiser
Eleanor Ross
Levi Franks
Nathan Bullen
Josh Winter

Our U21 Squad identifies the players that are sufficiently ranked and are preparing for the 2022 U21 GCWC to be held in New Zealand (excluding U21 Squad graduates who may still be eligible for the 2022 WCF event). All players of this squad currently have ranking indexes in excess of the entry point for the previous U21 GCWC.

Although the 2020 Youth Squad members will have the 2024 edition of the U21GCWC in their sights, the opportunity of WCF ranking selections for the 2022 event are a possibility with this additional season of preparation becoming available.

The Youth Squad will convene on Thursday 7th January prior to the CNZ 3+ GC Championship in Taranaki and an U21 Squad session will be held in Nelson on Thursday 1st April prior to the CNZ U21 GC Championship.