2019 Arthur Ross Final Results

The 2019 Arthur Ross Memorial Event Handicap Singles Final finished with a repeat of a game from round one.  After 6 rounds in the Swiss format, the event moved to the semi-finals stage.  During this stage Carey Johnstone (South Taranaki) who was the top qualifier took on Robert Lowe (Auckland).  While Robbie Spooner (Wellington) took on Chris Shilling (Otago).

In the first semi-final, Johnstone displayed exactly how he secured the top qualifying spot defeating Lowe 26-0.  In the second seni-final, Spooner withstood Shilling, winning 26-12 and setting up a rematch of his round one loss to Johnstone.

The final went the way of Spooner, winning 26-3 and being crowned the 2019 Arthur Ross Memorial Event Champion.  This is just another step in Spooner’s meteoric rise having only started Association Croquet in October 2018.

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