2019-20 South Island AC Championships

The 2019-20 South Island AC Championships were held from 13 – 17 November 2019 in Canterbury.

6 pairs battled it out in a single round robin to be crowned the 2019-20 South Island AC doubles champions. It was Chris Clarke (Canterbury) and Kathleen Colclough (Aus) that went through the event undefeated to claim the title. Clarke and Colclough formed a dominant pairing, with total net hoops of +115 after 5 games.
Edmund Fordyce (Canterbury) and Christopher Spittal (Canterbury) won four of their 5 games to claim second.

William Rush (Nelson) went undefeated through the 0-3.5 Singles competition to claim the 2019-20 crown. After winning all 7 of his games in the round robin, Rush was joined by Marguaritte Rogers (Canterbury) in the first semi-final. Rush prevailing 26-1 to advance to the final.
In the second semi-final, it saw Josh Winter (Canterbury) verse Mike McClure (Nelson), who both won 5 games during the round robin. In a tight game, it was the 2018-19 CNZ GC Most Improved Player, Winter, who was victorious, 26-18, to reach the final.
Rush continued his fine form in the final where he beat Winter, 26-15, to claim the 2019-20 0-3.5 South Island AC Singles Championship.

The players to contest the final for the 2019-20 South Island AC Open Singles title were decided by count back as Jarrod Coutts (South Canterbury), Logan McCorkindale (South Canterbury) and Felix Webby (Taranaki) all finished the round robin with 4 wins. It was McCorkindale and Webby who advanced on net hoops.
After losing to McCorkindale 11-26 in the round robin, Webby got his revenge in the final, winning the best of 3 final in straight games, 26-23, 26-3.

Full results can be found on Croquet Scores, here: https://croquetscores.com/2019/ac/cnz-84th-si-champs