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2-8 January 2017 – GC Nationals

2-8 January 2017 – GC Nationals

Croquet New Zealand presents CNZ National Golf Croquet Tournament To be held by Croquet Nelson at Nelson -Hinemoa and Richmond from Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th January 2017 from 8:30am

Manager: D.Annie Henry Ph: (03) 539 0620 Email:

Referee: Manly Bowater Ph: (03) 548 7971 Email:

Headquarters: Nelson Hinemoa Croquet Club

Other Venues: Richmond Croquet Club

Entries: Entries close Thursday 15th December 201 6 – Register online at, or – send copy of Official Entry Form with all entry fees to CNZ, Executive Director, PO Box 11259, Wellington 6142

Entry Fees: Premier Singles $60.00, Limited Singles $35. Doubles $30.

Catering: A clubhouse fee of $5 per day (which includes tea/coffee/light refreshments) may be charged to all players by the host club. Lunch available.


1. New Zealand Golf Croquet Open Singles: Open to all. Trophy presented by Mr S & Mrs C Piercy. To be played at Nelson-Hinemoa. 2015–16 – Duncan Dixon

2. New Zealand Golf Croquet Open Doubles: Open to all. Croquet New Zealand Trophy. To be played at Nelson-Hinemoa. 2015–16- Duncan Dixon & Phillip Drew

3. New Zealand Golf Croquet Singles: For players with a handicap of 4 or over. To be played at Richmond. Presidents Trophy presented by Mr & Mrs G.H. Young. 2015 –16- Helen Reeves

4. New Zealand Golf Croquet ‘Limited’ Doubles: For players with a handicap of 4 or over. To be played at Richmond. Croquet New Zealand Trophy. 2015 –16- Helen Reeves & Jez Reeves


1. Nominal hoop dimensions for Open events will be set at the widest axis of any ball to be used on the lawn plus 1 /32nd of an inch, with an upwards tolerance of zero and a downward tolerance of 1 /64th of an inch.

2. Nominal hoop dimensions for Limited events will be set at the largest ball plus 1 /32 of an inch with an upward and downward tolerance of 1 /64 inch

3. Entries may be limited and world rankings and lowest index handicaps will be given priority.

4. Method of play will be decided after entries have been received. This decision will be based on providing a full tournament’s play for competitors. Players will be notified at the start of the tournament which method of play is being used.

5. Tournament will commence with doubles.

6. **The seeding for the Open Singles Knockout will be by the Player Choice method in 2016 17, not the method outlined in Appendix 1(b) of the Tournament Regulations**

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