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6-10 December 2017 – South Island AC Championships

6-10 December 2017 – South Island AC Championships

Croquet New Zealand presents The 83rd South Island Championships To be held by Croquet Nelson, at Richmond and Nelson Hinemoa Croquet Clubs from Wednesday 6th to Sunday 10th December 2017 at 8:30am

Manager: Annie Henry, 31 Walters Bluff, Nelson 7010 Phone: (03) 539 0620 Email:

Referee: Manly Bowater, 103 Princes Drive, Nelson 7010 Phone (03) 548 7971

Headquarters: Nelson Hinemoa Croquet Club

Other Venue: Richmond Croquet Club

Catering: A clubhouse fee of $5 per day (which includes tea/coffee/light refreshments) may be charged to all players by the host club. Light lunches to purchase.

Entries: Entries close Thursday 23rd November 2017 Register online at, or send copy of Official Entry Form with all entry fees to CNZ, Executive Director, PO Box 11259, Wellington 6142

Entry Fees: Open Singles $40 includes free entry for event 1(a). Event 1(a) but not event 1 $30. Doubles each player $25.  Event 3 ad 4 $40. Late entries may be accepted on application to the manager.


1. South Island Open Championship: Open to all. Play will commence with a seeded knockout draw. Each match will be played as a best-of-three games with cumulative time limits of 4/7/9 hours, except the manager may choose to vary the time limits and/or play best-of-5 matches from the semi final onwards. Challenge Trophy presented by Mr R W McCreath. 2016–17- Greg Bryant

1(a) South Island Open Plate: Open to all. Flexible Swiss – single games. All players who are knocked out of the Open singles draw (excluding finalists) are eligible to enter event 1(a). Results from the Open draw are carried over. The manager may determine a time limit and a minimum number of games to be played. 2016–17- William Rush

2. South Island Championship Doubles: Method of play will be determined once entries are received. Challenge Trophies – two salvers presented by Mr and Mrs W H Kirk. 2016–17- Anita Fowler & Greg Bryant

3. South Island Singles 0-3: Open to players of handicap scratch to 3 bisques.  Players in the Open Championship will not be eligible.  Method of Play to be determined once entries are received.  New event.

4. South Island Singles: Open to players whose handicaps are 4 bisques and over. Players who are competitors in the Open Championship will not be eligible. Method of play to be determined once entries are received. Challenge Trophy presented by Mrs Lesley Wilson. 2016–17- Leo van Oosten


1. In order to complete the Tournament in the time available, entries may be limited to the top 32 competitors.

2. The allocation of byes in the Open draw will be done to minimise the likelihood of someone who has had a bye playing someone who has already played a match (i.e. Byes will be grouped where possible). Any players with a bye in the first round of the Open Singles draw will be notified as soon as possible.

3. Events 1 and 1(a) will commence at 8:30am, Friday 18th November 2016. Players entered in event 1 with a first round bye can play early Plate matches.

4. Event 2 will be played on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November 2016.

5. Nominal hoop dimensions will be set to the widest axis of any ball to be used on the lawn plus 1 /32nd of an inch with an upwards tolerance of zero and a downward tolerance of 1 /64th of an inch.