23-31 January 2021 – New Zealand Open

23-31 January 2021 – New Zealand Open

Croquet New Zealand Presents The New Zealand Open Championships held by the Canterbury Croquet Association at United Croquet Club from Saturday 23rd to Sunday 31st January 2021 from 8:30am

Manager: Chris Clarke, Ph: (03) 385 5957, Email: chrisd4clarke@hotmail.com

Asst Manager: Tony O’Donnell

Referee: Jenny Clarke

Headquarters: United Croquet Club, North Hagley Park, Riccarton Avenue, Christchurch

Other Venues: Barrington Park Croquet Club, Garnett Ave, Christchurch

Entries: Entries close Thursday 7th January 2021

Entry Fees:

Event 1: $105 includes entry to event 1(a),

Event 2: $40

Draw: Tournament Manager.

Catering: Any club house fees, up to $5 per day, will be charged to all competing players only for the days present.



1. New Zealand Open Championship: Open to all. Play will commence with seeded block play.  Depending on entries, the intention is to have 32 players qualify for the Open Singles Knockout.  Each match will be played as best-of-three games, except that the manager may choose to play best-of-five matches from the quarter finals onwards.  Challenge Cup presented by J.W. Lill 2019-20 winner- Aiken Hakes.  Runner-up will receive the John Prince Trophy presented by A.D.J. Heenan, OBE. 2019-20 – Edmund Fordyce

1(a) Bronze Medal: All players who are eliminated from Open Knockout are eligible to play in the Bronze Medal. Flexible swiss event. 2019-20 – Harps Tahurangi

1(b) Heenan Plate: All players entered in event 1 who do not qualify for the Open Singles Knockout are eligible to enter the Heenan Plate. Trophy presented by A.D.J. Heenan, OBE. 2019-20 winner- Ali’i Posimani

2. New Zealand Championship Doubles: Open to all. Play will commence with seeded blocks. Those qualifying from the blocks will proceed into post-section play. Shields presented by Messrs E.G. Rawnsley and N.H. MacFarlane. 2019-20 – Greg Bryant & Edmund Fordyce

2(a) Doubles Plate: Open to pairs in event 2 that have not qualified for the main doubles knockout. Single -game knockout format. Entry is optional- 2019-20 – Chris Shilling & Robbie Spooner

3. All players with a New Zealand handicap of 0 or higher will be automatically considered for the Charles Jones Memorial Encouragement Salver. The Salver will be awarded to the player with the best record in the handicap range as determined by the Tournament Management Committee. Trophy presented by Alison Mcmillan. 2019-20 – Ali’i Posimani



1. Advanced Play.

2. Hoops will be set to the widest axis of any ball to be used on the lawn plus 1 /32” with an upwards tolerance of zero and a downward tolerance of 1 /64th of an inch

3. As many entries will be accepted as possible with entries limited only if the number of players per available lawn is exceeded.

4. The Doubles will be played on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The Singles will commence on Tuesday.

5. Information on the playing schedule and other issues will be posted on Croquet Scores after the entries have closed.  The Manager will provide players with an outline of the method after entries close.

6. Players Choice method of seeding will be used to seed the singles knockout.

7. Quadway hoops will be used.