19-21 March 2021 – Mrs RA Clarke Copper Tray AC Invitation

19-21 March 2021 – Mrs RA Clarke Copper Tray AC Invitation

Croquet New Zealand presents The Mrs R. A. Clarke Copper Tray Invitation to be held by Croquet Waikato-King Country at Leamington Croquet Club from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st March 2021 at 8:30am

Manager: Jean Fisher, Ph: (07) 871 4427, Email: jean.fisher@xtra.co.nz

Referee: Allister McGregor

Headquarters: Leamington Croquet Club, Scott Street, Leamington

Catering: Any club house fees, up to $5 per day, will be charged to all competing players only for the days present.

Entry Fee: $30, payable on selection.

The winner will hold the Copper Tray, presented by Mrs R.A. Clarke, Gisborne for one year. 2019-20 – Graeme Simpson



1. Advanced Singles Play (Championship).

2. Selection by invitation of up to ten players at the selectors’ discretion.

3. Single round robin, single games

4. Time limit 2 1/2 hours, Regulation 9 will apply.

5. Games may be double banked.

6. A badge will be presented to a first-time winner and badges to first-time competitors in any CNZ invitation.

7. Nominal hoop dimensions will be set at the largest ball plus 1 /16 of an inch with an upward and downward tolerance of 1 /32 of an inch.

8. Quadway hoops will be used.