The Game of Croquet


There are a number of versions of the game of croquet played worldwide. The main international game is called Association Croquet, and this is the game most people know of – either in its organised form (as played in clubs around New Zealand) or as garden croquet. For a description of this game, click here.

Another shorter version of the game is called Golf Croquet and it is also now played in many New Zealand Clubs. For information on this version, click here.

In addition, the Americans have their own version of the game (USCA rules), and there is a team game called Gateball – a version very popular in Japan.

Have a go at association croquet – play yourself, with a friend, or with 3 friends.

How to play?

To play, click and hold the left mouse button on your ball, while holding the left mouse button down, move the mouse cursor in the direction you want to shoot, the closer the cursor is to the ball the more powerful the shot.

Play around the hoops as you would in association croquet, association rules apply, play as an individual or play with a few friends, enjoy.


Try the Crazy Croquet Flash Game

  1. Create your players name at the start screen, eg:”John Doe”
  2. To change the view of the game environment, use the “Q” and “W” keys on your keyboard to get a better angle of the hoop.
  3. Move your mouse cursor “left and “right” to adjust the direction of your stroke.
  4. Pull the mouse back to adjust the power of your stroke, (a small power indicator appears). When you are happy with both your angle and your stroke power, click the left mouse button, to perform your stroke.
  5. Wait for the other player before you can stroke again.